Distributed IoT Systems

Before the Internet of Things (IoT) became a common phrase, Otron was involved in building and supporting a number of distributed systems using embedded systems.

We continue to advance our knowledge in this area and can provide both hardware and software IoT solutions for commercial use in harsh environments where stability and resilience are paramount.

Just some of the projects we’ve been involved with:

  • remote deployment of 100’s of units monitoring 1000’s of devices deployed into the harshest regions of the planet
  • advertising screens which require constant updates with the ability to run offline
  • a fleet of embedded devices with limited memory requiring monitoring and remote update capabilities
  • creation of cloud monitoring and control panels for remote devices to ensure uptime and allow remote configuration and management

We’ve work with devices such as Arduino, Particle, Raspberry Pi, Windows Embedded and Embedded Java controllers.

Contact us if you have a need to deploy a distributed network of devices for data acquisition to the cloud and also need to know your fleet is online and healthy.