At Otron we strive to find ways that our technical skills can support the wider community.

Covid-19 Contact Data Collection

We created a web platform to help small business manage the requirements of securely collecting personal contact details for Covid-19 contact tracing requirements.

The collected data isn’t visible to the business, so there was no risk of customer/guest data being used for marketing purposes. Business owners can, however, validate that someone has actually completed the form when they arrive at the business.

Covid CheckIn was primarily aimed at restaurants and accommodation providers who want to reduce the burden of collecting and securely storing guest contact details.

We’ve since discontinued the service due to the check-in requirement dropping away.


We sponsored the P-Cubed Tech Girls who created an App that is designed to help young Queenslanders aged 12 and over who care about their use of plastic products and plastic packaging and the negative long-term impacts on the environment; waterways, oceans, plants, wildlife and land in order to reduce the plastic pollution problem facing our world.

The P-Cubed team were announced state winners of the Search For The Next Tech Girl Super Hero challenge and travelled to San Franciso to compete globally in the Technovation Challenge.

Otron was proud to support the P-Cubed Tech Girls on their quest to help the planet.